Terms of Service

This website allows you to play Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games online. Despite some of these games being nearly 30 years old their copyright may still be protected by the software companies that originally produced them, or by Nintendo themselves. Therefore, you should only play games that you legally own the original cartridge for as otherwise you may be breaking the law in your country.

The author of this website accepts no liability from, and accepts no responsibility for, your use of this website or from you playing games that you are not legally entitled to play. Any materials that are used by the emulator are stored in encrypted format, which prevents this site from being used to distribute copyrighted materials, something which we are opposed to and have put processes in place to prevent.

The purpose of this website is to enable genuine fans who bought these original games to continue to enjoy playing them by providing the capability to do so online in a future-proof format, whilst at the same time protecting the copyrighted materials from being downloaded or distributed. This site is not affiliated with Nintendo or any of the software companies that produced Nintendo Entertainment System games.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms of service then please get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact button above. If you represent a company that wishes to assert their rights over material contained on this site then we would be more than happy to comply upon your request.

Our only aim is to keep the memory of a great system and some great games alive.